Finding Your Inner Compass

Mapping the Course of a New Path: Shifting from the Inside Out


A 7-Day All-Inclusive Yoga, Meditation, Movement & Healing Retreat


Chacala, Mexico

April 6-13, 2019

Does This Sound Like You? 


You know you...

  • Have something amazing to offer the world and can and want to do more

  • Are talented and ambitious with special skills to share, but aren’t quite sure how to bring it all together to create your path

  • Have an awareness that it is time to make a change, but for some reason you don’t

  • Feel a little stuck and wish you could wave a magic wand to make it all clearer

  • Didn’t expect it to be quite this challenging

Guess what? There is an easier way!




I am Jennifer Degen.


I can’t wait to welcome and guide you on this once in a lifetime retreat to Mar de Jade in 2019!


Jen combines her experience longstanding practice as a master’s level mind body psychotherapist and practitioner of somatic therapy with her embodied wisdom as a certified embodied mindfulness yoga teacher.


She has led workshops on the healing effects of somatic integration throughout the United States and internationally since 2011. Her clients have described her as deeply empathic,

inspirational, supportive, transparent, and real.

Jen invites you to investigate and hone in to the subtle messages of our body and its innate wisdom. Examining habitual patterns like chronic pain, reactivity with others, or finding oneself stuck in a job or a relationship may be your challenge.

She will facilitate the retreat experience using her expertise as a therapist, coach, and healer, with an open, calming, and trustworthy presence.

Join us in Mexico and learn the ALL tools to get what you really want out of life and pamper yourself with yoga, deep healing and meditation in the process.



Please join us! I wholeheartedly believe this retreat is going to give you gifts you could never have imagined!



It takes persistence and drive to design a life you truly love. 


It isn’t easy to keep picking yourself up and getting back on course when obstacles get in the way. 

I know! I have faced all of the challenges of becoming a spiritual entrepreneur since 2013 when I started my first business. It wasn’t easy to go against the grain and leave a traditional corporate job, but my passion was calling me and I knew I had to take a chance on my dream.

Jen, my retreat co-teacher, and I have both faced the challenges of discovering what we really want and going against the grain to create unique and remarkable lives. 


We want to help you do the same.

Join us in Mexico if You Desire To:

  • Gain clarity on where you are and where you want to be headed

  • Connect what really drives you, keeps you energized and sustains you

  • Come into deeper awareness and alignment with your Truth

  • Become aware of what you’d like to shift and change in your life

  • Be empowered with the spiritual tools to make any and all changes you heart desires

  • Transform from feeling stuck in confusion or doubt to embracing your passion with clarity, creativity, and confidence

  • Get clear on the next right actions for yourself


On this retreat you will have your choice of many healing spiritual tools - yoga, meditation, movement, energy-work, and homeopathic healing - to empower you to embrace your own path.


Stepping into your unique life-path is easy when the course is crafted and led by people who have been there and know how to guide you through the obstacles with awareness and love.

You Will Learn To:

  • Take back your time to make room for what is really important

  • Connect with your Higher Self to find clearer answers within

  • Make friends with mistakes, avoid the traps of perfectionism 

  • Make miracles in your life using one simple daily practice

  • Face challenge with greater confidence and ease

  • Gain self-esteem and know your self-worth

  • Create space for creativity and curiosity

You Will Receive Training On:


    Getting clear on what is needed in your life, one or two big things that you want to shift or change (what does it feel like when these lift)


    Learn to overcome two types of fear: fear of attaining your goals and fear of not attaining your goals. When both of these are overcome, there’s no limit to how far you can go!​


    Learn a process to become grateful for what you aren’t grateful for as a way to release old emotions/ attitudes/ perspectives that are keeping you stuck and preventing miraculous change.


    Learn how to tune in and listen to your authentic truth & access the answers to all your questions


    Learn the tools to create sacred, safe, and energetically clear spaces in your own home, business, office or wherever you are.

Take Time To Rest And Renew

An element of self-nurturing will wind through the days with wellness modalities including:

  • Chakra balancing and clearing

  • Flower Essences Essences Energy Medicine Healing

  • Spiritual DNA Activations

  • Personal ceremony to intend and disengage from unhealthy patterns

  • Meditations that serve to attend and heal

  • Nurturing meals provided by our local cook.

  • Daily invigorating and restorative yoga

  • Optional adventure or quiet day to fill your spirit


There will be 8 days and 7 awe inspiring nights for only 19 people to enjoy at Mar De Jade.



What It Includes:

  • Daily morning Yoga & Meditation sessions onsite (10 total)

  • Optional afternoon yoga/ movement sessions (5 afternoons)

  • All locally and lovingly prepared gourmet meals (all included from arrival to departure)

  • All amenities towels, yoga props, and 3 oceanfront studios to practice in

  • Oceanside Swimming Pool

  • Glorious hot tub jungle jacuzzi


Other Included Goodies:

  • An individual Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing & Cord Cutting Session with Nicole

  • Music, Dancing and Self Development Sessions in the Evenings

  • A complimentary Abundance Flower Essence for you to begin taking on Day 1 of the retreat. This essence will help to open all your chakras so you are able to fully receive and enjoy the abundance of the retreat experience.    

Does not include:

  • Flight to and from Puerta Vallarta International Airport

  • Optional Self-Care Add-ons:

    • Spa Treatments & Massages (prices on Mar de Jade’s website?)

    • Private life coaching & mindfulness sessions with Nicole or Jen ($125/hour)

    • Private DNA Activation (see description below)

    • Private Energy Medicine Healing Consult (see description below)

  • Excursions  

    • Boat Ride from the hidden, magical white beach (Sunday afternoon, approximately $20)

    • Shopping Outing to the Local Market (Thursday afternoon)

  • Optional transportation RT from Puerta Vallarta Airport to Mar De Jade. The cost to you will be a range of $20-70 in cash depending on the numbers in your van, Arrive  before 3 p.m; For return departures Optional menu of times.

Optional Additional Healing Services


(must be booked ahead of time with me!)

DNA Activation


A DNA activation is a tremendous gift of empowerment that assists you in your own healing process at deep levels and allows your gifts to come most fully into your life. This is an Etheric Surgery which brings Light in to your physical and your spiritual DNA—your encoding as a God/Human.


We have taken on more and more density in our human journey, holding less Light. As a collective we have reached a place where we wish to return most fully to our Divine Selves. As a result, this tool of empowerment is now available to the public. DNA Activation has been done for thousands of years in the Temples for the Priests, Priestesses, Oracles and their servants. This tool is handed down to initiated Teachers of Light, handed down and made available to the public.


$100, 45 minutes

Energy Medicine Healing Consult


In this 45 minute session, we investigate your energetic blue-print to uncover where blockages in your energy and chakras are causing challenges in your life.


Wherever there is an energetic lack or issue in your system, we will use flower essences to help you heal.


Following the consult, you will receive a written recommendation of which Pacific Essences essences to work with to bring you back into balance, heal, and realize your full potential.


$100, 45 minutes



All of Mar de Jade’s rooms are exquisitely unique, offering different styles, ocean or garden views and their own distinguishable character. All rooms have private bathrooms, natural bath amenities, hot water, in-room safe, mosquito screen windows/doors and ceiling fans.

Ocean Rooms


These have an unobstructed ocean view and a balcony or terrace. These rooms are on the third and fourth floors and do require the guest to climb steps.


The Ocean Rooms include air conditioning, and almost all have bathtubs, while some have a separate shower. Some Ocean Rooms also have futons and a separate sleeping space, appropriate for children.


All Inclusive Price:  Double $2240, Single $2990

Garden Rooms


They look out to Mar de Jade’s lush tropical gardens and include a terrace or outside sitting area.

These rooms are all on the ground floor; some have a few steps and some have ramp access. All have bathtubs, while some also have a separate shower and a futon. These rooms also include air conditioning.


All Inclusive Price: Double $2140, Single $2690

Guest Rooms


Are comfortable rooms for one or two people, with either luscious garden or exciting jungle views.


All Inclusive Price: Double $1940, Single $2440


***Additional $1525 to add another guest on the futon to the Guest Rooms.

Dorm Rooms


Are ideal for the conscientious traveler who is alright to share with 3 or 4 other people. They have garden views and a loft accessed by a spiral staircase. These rooms are a great value!


All Inclusive Price: $1590/each, up to 5 guests per room


Mar de Jade, Chacala, Mexico



The Jungle, the sound of the waves 24x7, a sanctuary of healing, and a broad studio space open to the ocean, Mar de Jade is the perfect backdrop to restore yourself.


The energy is magnetic. Once they’ve tasted it, people come back to Mar De Jade again and again. There is a feeling of being taken care of and protected. You become a part of the family.


 A perfect setting for spiritual practice: everything that you need is there for you when you arrive on your mat.

There are plenty of spaces and places to retreat and find quiet time for yourself. Read a book, lie in the sun, or enjoy tea or coffee with a friend on the luscious grounds.


“With her profound yet simple and compassionate approach,  Nicole has the gift to combine intuition with insight and meet  you right where you are. With her clear step by step approach she will unfold your map, paving the way for you to reach your goal.  Nicole councils in a practical, grounded and all  encompassing manner. I experienced transformation all the way – starting from the inside out!”


Talyah Donker

Founder of Wombodhi

Nicole helped me use broad, creative thinking and detailed planning to bring my business to the next-level. She is deeply motivated with a go-getter attitude!”


Lorena Calma

Founder of Awakened Heart & Mind

Nicole helped me navigate both the professional and personal aspects of what it means to establish your own business. She possesses a rare combination of business acumen, compassion, and ability to draw relevant insights from her own experience that are truly inspiring.


Sharon Resheff

Founder of Sharon Resheff Consulting

I have known Nicole for over 10 years – she is a super intelligent, influential woman with whom you should connect.  Nicole knows how to marry spirituality and business in a way which makes you curious on how to harness both perspectives for your life and business.

Her leadership qualities are what attracted me to her in the first place, and because of her I became a yoga teacher.  Since then, my life and business were forever changed for the better.  I have been able to infuse all of me into my business, and finally feel like I am on the path with my purpose.



Elinor Cohen, Founder of the Just Me Company & Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Nicole is a practical visionary who honors both ancient spiritual traditions and real world applications.  She helps people find their highest potential.


Molly Birkholm, Professional Speaker, Yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainer


The schedule is intended to help you mindfully align with your body, breath, core essence and true calling.


In our morning and afternoon time together we will use asana, pranayama, meditation, creative movement and energy work to assist in embodying practices that support self inquiry and sensory awareness.

7:00 – 8:30am: Morning Yoga & Meditation with Jen (Participation encouraged)

8:30 – 9:30am: Gourmet Mar de Jade Breakfast

10:30am – 12 noon: Group Workshop (Participation encouraged) 

1:30-2:30pm: Gourmet Lunch

2:30-6:30pm: Free time to explore, swim, take a walk, get a massage, and relax

(Sunday & Thursday afternoons we have optional group excursions!)

3:00 & 3:30pm: Individual Chakra Balancing & Cord Cutting session with Nicole (scheduled when deposit is received)

4:30-6:00pm: Monday & Wednesday, Optional Afternoon Session: Sivananda Yoga with Nicole


4:30-5:30pm:  Tuesday & Friday, Movement as Play with Jen


6:30-7:30pm: Gourmet Dinner

8:00-9:00 pm: Optional Evening Session (Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Dance, Kirtan)

9:00pm:  Free time & sleep


Friday April 12: 8:00-9:00pm – Closing Circle

Saturday, April 13: Depart after 8:30am breakfast